Carpet Disposal in Manchester

Do you live in Manchester and are looking to have your carpet, wood flooring or even kitchen flooring uplifting and disposed of?

Not only can we uplift your carpet/flooring but we also dispose of it cleanly and safely saving you the hassle of phoning around for skip prices and have a big clunky skip on your driveway for days. are Environment Agency licensed to remove and carry waste so you can be rest assured we will not just collect your carpets/flooring and just dump it anywhere. We are fully committed to reuse and recycle, thereby minimising what we send to landfill

Problems with Hiring a Skip in Manchester

  • To have a skip on your street you need a special council permit.
  • To have a skip on your drive you need space for it.empty skip hire in Manchester
  • You usually have to fill the skip yourself.
  • To stop people filling your skip with their junk/rubbish you have to keep an eye on it constantly.
  • You have to wait around for your skip to be delivered then collected.

Here at Carpet Removals not only can we take the whole hassle of you disposing of your carpet or flooring but you are doing your little bit for the environment as we try and recycle all carpets and flooring whenever possible.

fly tipping carpets

Manchester Flooring Removals Services

  • Carpet Uplifting / Carpet Disposal.
  • Wood Flooring Uplifting / Wood Flooring Disposal.
  • Kitchen Flooring / Kitchen Disposal.

Carpet Recycling

Did you know a lot of Carpets are made from natural and synthetic fibres, which sometimes still have a value and usage once the carpet is no longer needed.

Old carpets can be used in a wide range of services from:carpets ready for recycling

  • Sports surfaces
  • Local Allotments
  • Animal Rescue Shelter
  • Pond Liner
  • Insulation.

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